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    Pittsburgh is known for its fun and lively atmosphere. From concerts to shows and sporting events, we’ve got it all!

    We at Alco Parking are dedicated to giving you the best parking access to enjoy it all. With information on ticket pre-sales, advanced parking, and even parking discounts and promotions, we’ve got what you’re looking for. So, take a look at the highlights and check out what’s coming soon to the ‘burgh!

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    What Our Customers Say

    “5 stars all the way! I work at PNC Park during daylight hours. I park at Red 6 lot, and just got a lease. 2 weeks in, I was sent home unexpectedly due to the coronavirus. I contacted Alco via the website and someone replied to me within 24 hours and were happy to work with me during this crazy time. I think this situation will bring out which businesses value to their customers and employees. Thank you for making things a little better for me.”

    Dawn D

    Red 6 Lot

    “Been to 2 Steelers games this year and used the West General Robinson Street garage. Nice location and the people were nice.”

    David J

    WGRS Garage


    Shirley L

    Alco Parker

    “Some of my favorite parking places in the city!”

    Mark S

    Alco Parker

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    Daily Rate

    for the Carnegie Science Center North G32
    Lowest Commuter Rate in the City
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    Event Rate

    for the Manor Complex Garage
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    Nights & Weekends Rate

    for the Market Square Garage
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    Nights & Weekends Rate

    for the Etage Parking Garage
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