Parking Lots / Garages


We do not pre-sell accessible parking. There is a limited amount of accessible parking at all of our locations. Please see map for accessible drop off locations at Acrisure Stadium & PNC Park.

Elton John’s Farewell Tour is coming to PNC Park September 16, 2022. Click Here to purchase your tickets and parking.

Billy Joel is coming to PNC Park August 11, 2022. Click Here to purchase your pre-sold parking.

The Motley Crue Concert scheduled for July 22, 2021 has been rescheduled for August 12, 2022 at PNC Park. Pre-sold parking for the event can be purchased at

All inquiries regarding pre-sold parking for both 2021 and 2022 concerts can be directed to

If you had purchased parking for a previously scheduled concert, we ask that you please hold onto your parking tickets and await further instructions.

Parking lots will open 3 hours prior to concert start time and you must exit the lot 1 hour after the concert ends.

Parking Lot Code of Conduct

Alco Parking Corporation is committed to creating an enjoyable parking experience for all fans. To provide visitors the safest and most enjoyable tailgating experience, we ask that all guests make themselves aware of the following Parking Lot Code of Conduct.

  • Guests must follow the directions of parking lot staff and park within the space designated for your use. Extra spaces WILL NOT BE SOLD. Tailgating is to be contained to the paid space only.
  • Solicitation, commercial or otherwise is prohibited.
  • The sale of food and alcohol is prohibited.
  • Glass containers are prohibited.
  • Personal port-a-johns are prohibited.
  • Tents are prohibited.
  • Furniture is prohibited (other than folding lawn chairs & tables).
  • Limos, RVs, motorhomes and any other oversized vehicles are prohibited.
  • Guests must comply with city police who will patrol all parking areas to keep the aisles clear and to enforce regulations.
  • Guests are asked to leave the parking areas no later than 1 hour following the end of the event.
  • Guests are responsible for their conduct. Failure to comply with the Parking Lot Code of Conduct will result in immediate City of Pittsburgh Police intervention.
  • Indecent behavior will result in immediate ejection from lot.
  • *Per Pittsburgh Authorities, no open flames are permitted and nothing is to be placed on the ledges of the garage. Failure to comply could result in revocation of your parking privileges and/or monetary fines.