Parking Lots / Garages


Regular Parking Rates Apply

Gold 1 Garage
4 universal charging stations

Convention Center Garage
4, level 2, electric charging stations
4 Tesla charging stations

Cork Factory Garage
16 stations

11 Stanwix Street Garage
2 stations – Reserved Level A (must be a reserved leaseholder)

Eastside Bond Parking Garage
8 Public ChargePoint EV chargers on P1 (anyone with a ChargePoint account)

1 station – 2 vehicle charging ability (resident level only)

Bakery Square Parking Garage
9 stations – 18 vehicle charging ability

PPG Garage
8 stations – 1st Floor as soon as you enter the 3rd Avenue Entrance

Theater Square Garage
3 stations with 6 chargers

University of Pittsburgh – Soldiers and Sailors Parking Garage
4 stations – By permit only. Permit must be obtained from the University of Pittsburgh

West General Robinson Street Garage
2 Universal, level 2, charging stations
4 Tesla, level 2, charging stations