Parking Lots / Garages

North Shore Parking Guide

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Game Day Entrances

Gold 1 Garage Enter From Reedsdale St or General Robinson St

Gold 1 & Gold 1A Enter From General Robinson St

Gold 2 Enter From Chuck Noll Way

Red 5 – Gen Robinson Garage Enter From Dorsett Dr or Reedsdale St or W. General Robinson St

Red 5A Enter From General Robinson St

Red 6 Enter From General Robinson St

Red 7A, 7B & 7C Enter From Scotland St

Red 7D Enter From Lacock St (Football Only)

Red Clark East Enter From Scotland St

Blue 7F Enter From Lacock St

Blue 7G Enter From Lacock St

Blue 7H Enter From Lacock St

Blue 7J Enter From Sandusky St

Blue 10 – North Shore Garage Enter From Sandusky St or E. Gen Robinson St or Lacock St

Green 21 Enter From Reedsdale

Green 22 & 23 Enter From Ridge Ave

Recommended Routes

To North Shore Parking:

  • From NORTH I-279 (North Hills):
    • Exit 1B to Reedsdale Street.
    • Exit 2B to East Street to North Canal to Lacock Street.
  • From NORTH Route 28 (Etna):
    • North Shore Exit to Lacock Street.
  • From WEST I-376 (Airport):
    • Exit 69C, before Fort Pitt Tunnel, to West End Bridge and Ramp to North Shore.
  • From EAST I-376 (Monroeville):
    • Exit 70C to I-279 (Fort Duquesne Bridge) to Exit 1B (North Shore) to Allegheny Avenue.
  • From NORTH Route 65 (Ohio River Boulevard from I-79):
    • Exit via North Shore Ramp.

From North Shore Parking:

  • To NORTH I-279 (North Hills):
    • Take HOV Ramps on Mazeroski Way or Anderson Street.
  • To NORTH Route 28 (Etna):
    • Follow General Robinson Street.
  • To WEST I-376 (Airport):
    • Follow North Shore Drive to Allegheny Avenue to Reedsdale Street to West End Bridge.
    • Reedsdale Street Underpass to West End Bridge.
  • To EAST I-376 (Monroeville):
    • Use Allegheny Avenue to Ft. Duquesne Bridge Ramp.
    • Reedsdale Street Underpass to Fort Duquesne Bridge.
  • To NORTH Route 65 (Ohio River Boulevard from I-79):
    • Use Allegheny Avenue to Western Avenue to Route 65.
    • Reedsdale Street Underpass to Route 65.

Please Note:

  • For all events, all vehicle parking will be directed by Alco Parking staff. Failure to obey instructions may result in loss of parking privileges.
  • To easily find and book parking in Pittsburgh, visit